Being Right or Wrong All Along, or Just Getting it Done

Thinking of all the variables in life I try to control and put my very state of being on my apparent mastery of them, I'm often left with sad, angry, and other unfun feelings to feel. And it's always someone's or some thing's fault - I should've done better, that thing should've been designed better. Forgoing the why, it's principle is why am I putting my wellbeing on completion of something, or being right/wrong about another? It has not left me steadily satisfied and ready for further inquiry, instead, I'm an addict waiting to feel the elation of finishing a task, or being right all along. Instead, it may be better for me to focus on the inquiry itself and the process of experimenting with it to get results. 


This thinking is based Elon Musk's "physics way of thinking" where you try to thinking of the first principles - what we know to be true - and reason up from there... And it leads back to something Richard Feynman said when being asked how does he feel knowing he might not be able to find the answers to his questions.... I think his answer that it didn't bother him. And one of my favourite artists, @dannysangra, said the best advice he ever received was "There'll always be another one".



Tearing up listening to Master of Puppets. Kinda feel like not taking my anti-depressants has lifted a veil off my emotions and I can feel more of the spectrum from joy to despair. Not sure it’s related, not sure it’s safe, not sure it’s okay, but I’m feeling and it feels so good.


P.s I totally have been feeling better over the past few months with my life operating system getting upgraded with great people, a change of home, maybe the anti-depressants to cut out the crushing lows…. So take my experience today as a personal experience, a scene in a film, a grain of salt in a world which contains ooooooooooooodles more.