Repressed entitlement

Am I entitled? If we are an entitled generation (source) that means I can't be the only one (it would be very entitled to think that haha). How are we entitled? To what? Why? What are the downsides?

I noticed a repressed yet powerful entitlement in myself today. It came about as part of my anxiety in anticipation of a trial shift at a restaurant. I was hammering myself for not being ready (never ready), but then how it's not fair that I'm not, and that it may cost me this potential job! 'How dare it!' I quietly whispered to myself. There it was, my blaming something beyond my control, 'life', 'the system'. But what use is that if I can not control it yet it causes me to think, feel, and act like I'm helpless??

So far I've thought of a couple of things to ask 'do I feel entitled to these, and why?' and to my horror, yes I do. Take skateboarding, and my burning desire to be good at it. I think the thought 'I love skateboarding this much, so I SHOULD be this good.' or relationships, same thing 'I want cool friends this much so I SHOULD have them'.

 Have you noticed something similar in yourself? Or know why we're entitled? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings and suggestions for further reading.