Repressed entitlement

Am I entitled? If we are an entitled generation (source) that means I can't be the only one (it would be very entitled to think that haha). How are we entitled? To what? Why? What are the downsides?

I noticed a repressed yet powerful entitlement in myself today. It came about as part of my anxiety in anticipation of a trial shift at a restaurant. I was hammering myself for not being ready (never ready), but then how it's not fair that I'm not, and that it may cost me this potential job! 'How dare it!' I quietly whispered to myself. There it was, my blaming something beyond my control, 'life', 'the system'. But what use is that if I can not control it yet it causes me to think, feel, and act like I'm helpless??

So far I've thought of a couple of things to ask 'do I feel entitled to these, and why?' and to my horror, yes I do. Take skateboarding, and my burning desire to be good at it. I think the thought 'I love skateboarding this much, so I SHOULD be this good.' or relationships, same thing 'I want cool friends this much so I SHOULD have them'.

 Have you noticed something similar in yourself? Or know why we're entitled? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feelings and suggestions for further reading. 

Your Story

Know your story, so whenever you have to share it you can condense it, highlight situation-relevant details, but can get the essence of your story across.

This may useful for interviews, meeting new people, writing a Tinder bio

I can see why this would be useful selling a film, because you're doing the same with it's story

You're as good as you want to be, so make that part of your story. It will permeate through the rest of your life (what you wear, what you want, what people think of you)


This is an experiment I will be running in my life. If it resonates with you and more importantly works for you, please let me know here. If you have any relevant materials such as books or articles, I'd be happy to check them out too.